The tween experience

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Your daughter is beautiful, amazing and wonderful, inside and out. You know it. You see it. You tell her every day.  Unfortunately, there is so much outside pressure from social media, television and magazines to live up to impossible beauty standards, that she simply cannot see the extraordinary individual that she is.  As her mom, you can help her see who she is on the inside.  As a professional portrait photographer, I can help her see who she is on the outside.

A portrait session at Elizabeth Ashford Studios is an experience that will transform the way your daughter sees herself, forever.  From the moment you call to discuss booking a portrait session, she becomes my primary focus.  I will learn about her from you, from those who love her and, most important, from her.  

We will meet at my studio before her session to go over the day, complete a wardrobe fitting (she can bring her favorites and choose items from my studio wardrobe) and talk about what her experience will look like.  Throughout it all, I am crafting a unique portrait session that will draw out all the beauty that you already see.  This isn't about creating some idealized version of her. This is about revealing how extraordinary she is, just as she is.

When she enters the studio on the day of her shoot, she will be whisked into a day that is all about her. With drinks and snacks on hand, she will first go to (age-appropriate) hair and makeup, the same place all Vanity Fair photo shoots begin. While she is there, we will review all the wardrobe choices we made at her fitting, so that she is completely comfortable will all of her selections.

Once she steps in front of my camera, I will expertly guide her through the entire shoot. She can relax about posing, too. I will show her everything she needs to know and guide her through each shot. An added bonus is that she will know how to hold herself in a flattering way for every photograph she takes for the rest of her life.

One last thing. Her portraits will look like her. I won't change her, photoshop a different version of her and use those crazy 80's Glamour Shots filters on her. Her portraits will tell her story authentically and beautifully, celebrating exactly who she is in the world. 

I can't wait to work with both of you and show her how extraordinary she truly is.

I would love the opportunity to talk with you about your daughter's tween portrait session and decide if we are a good fit for each other.  Please email me at or call me 205-547-0727 and we'll schedule a time that works for you.

I'm looking forward to knowing you and your precious dayghter!

Sarah Robinson
Owner and Principal Photographer
Elizabeth Ashford Studios.