Session Preparation & Wardrobe


I love offering my Rent the Runway styled closet to my portrait clients!  I have a wide variety of dresses, skirts, tops and accessories to create unique and one of a kind looks. I’m constantly on the lookout for great pieces to add, so you never know what you might find! If you don’t see anything you like, I can make a dress right on you (it will look amazing, I promise!). Another option is to book your shoot early and then we can track down the perfect pieces for you.  Most of my closet is sized 2-12 with a limited slelction of plus size clothing.
I also want you to bring your own clothes, too! Depending on how you dream of being photographed, you can borrow from your mother, your grandmother, your sister, and your friends. Stick to solid colors or color on color patterns. Lace, sequins, crochet also look amazing in portraits. Bring everything to your pre-shoot consult and we’ll put together some amazing outfits for you!

Session Preparation

During your pre-shoot consult and wardrobe fitting, we’ll go through your clothes and the clothes in my studio wardrobe. We’ll talk about how you envision your shoot and develop my signature “Three Word Guide” for your shoot. Based on that, we’ll narrow down your wardrobe choice to the outfits that perfectly suit your vision.
Pre-shoot consults are required for every Elizabeth Ashford photo shoot and last about an hour. This consult sets the stage for your amazing experience, so please don’t bring guests or children with you. I want our focus to be completely centered on you.
 I’ll go into more detail on what to bring and how to prep for your shoot during your consult, but the information below will give you a good idea of the basics.
Some essentials you’ll need to bring to the studio on the day of your shoot:

  • Nude Strapless bra + matching nude thong. (no show panties are preferred)
  • Black Strapless bra + matching panty
  • Spanx
  • Skin toned panty hose with no seams
  • Comfortable slippers to wear around the studio.
  • Any wardrobe items we discussed during your pre-shoot consult.

Makeup Tips

Your hair and makeup will be done professionally once you arrive at the studio for your shoot. To help that go smoothly, please let me know if you have any skin allergies ahead of time..Arrive with your skin completely clean and free of all cosmetics.  
(Here’s a secret professional trick: Exfoliate your skin the morning of your shoot with granulated sugar and freshly squeezed lemon.)
Spray tans and tan lines are not flattering in portraits, so don’t indulge!
Last thing – get those eyebrows (and any other facial hair) groomed before the day of your shoot. The camera picks up everything!


Arrive with your hair clean (no products added!)  and completely dry.  No straightening or other styling before you arrive – you’ll have a professional doing your hair! Last thing- check those roots and touch them up. The camera and the lights reflect off of anything gray…..:-)


You’ll be surprised by the starring role your hands will take in your portraits! So that they are ready for their close-up, make sure they are neatly trimmed with no polish or a nude/blush tone.  No need to go overboard here. Just a simple manicure and pedicure. No crazy colors/patterns and no acrylic tips.

Like I said, we'll go over all of this in much greater detail during your Pre-Shoot Consult and I'll answer all of your questions then. Until then, use this information to get your creativity going!