Corporate & Personal Branding Headshots


The headshot is evolving

The stiff, standard headshot that looks like everyone else's simply doesn't work any more. Today's headshots are contemporary and styled with more of a magazine feeling to them. As a critical marketing tool, it is often the first (and only) impression you get to make. An Elizabeth Ashford Headshot will help you maximize that split second impression by telling your brand story in a single, compelling image. 

As my client, I will work closely with you to design a session that reflects you, your brand and the brand personality you want to convey. In our pre-session consultation we will talk about important decisions about how you want to portray your brand, such as the style of your brand (is it corporate, casual, artsy, etc.), wardrobe choices and colors that convey your energy and that of your brand, facial expression and the emotional projection of your brand, and the mood and feeling you want to create for your audience. All of these details factor into creating a compelling brand story with your headshot.  Making these choices ahead of time will set the stage for a successful portrait session. 


I will gather your wardrobe and have it ready and waiting for you in the studio when you arrive. After a brief checkin, my professional hair and makeup artist will focus all of her skill and energy on you, styling your hair, applying just the right makeup (yes, even men need a little makeup to look their best in a headshot), and making sure you are camera-ready. Once you put on your first outfit and step in front of the camera, you can relax while I expertly guide you through poses and smiles designed to create the exact story you want to tell. 

In about 14 days, I will invite you back to the studio to view the 23-28 best portraits that I've professionally re-touched and prepared for you. You'll have a much time as you like choosing the ones you like best. As is always true at my studio, you are under no obligation to purchase anything and never get high pressure sales tactics from me. Quite simply, if I don't deliver the most compelling images that tell the brand story you want to tell, you don't have to buy anything. 

An extra service that we offer is sizing images for all social media platforms. We also extend backgrounds to create banner images with plenty of room for you to add your logo and text. Please ask if this is something you are interested in. 

Session Fee (includes pre-session consultation, wardrobe services and professional hair & makeup): $297

I would love the opportunity to discuss your headshots needs with you and determine if we are a fit  for working together. (If we decide we are not, I can refer you to several photographers who do wonderful work). Please call me at (205) 547-0727 or email me at so we can schedule a time to talk.

I look forward to it!
Sarah Robinson
Owner & Principal Photographer
Elizabeth Ashford Studios